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Working or studying in Canada are two of the paths towards permanent residence. While your working or studying has to be a temporary intention, the Canadian Government has devised many paths to permanent residency for those who have acquired targeted skills.

How to come to Canada for work

Canada is going through a shortage of workers, in many professions and trades. A multitude of programs are in place to entice workers from around the world to come to Canada. The federal government has its priorities and so do each of the provinces. In adition, bilateral agreements exist between Canada and other countries. Generally, if you have a work contract from a Canadian employer, your admissibility is the only hurdle before being able to work in Canada with a work permit. 

Without a work contract, your candidacy may be desirable based on criteria linked to your education and experience. 

We can help you with representation, for you and your employer as well as connect you with a Canadian employer looking for your skills and experience.

Read our blog to learn more about the programs and the process of obtaining a work permit in Canada in 2024 or contact us for a discussion.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

To learn more about the process of becoming an international student, go to our blog, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter. 

We can help you in the preparation of your study permit, with full representation. If you feel able to do most of the work but you are unsure about how to do it well, we also offer private group services at a fraction of the cost. You will be able to put together your file under the supervision of a regulated immigration consultant.

How to come to Canada to study

Canadian Designated Learning Institutions have the mandate of sharing their knowledge with the world. Thus a large population of international students studies in Canada. Your first step is to be admitted by one of these schools, in a program that is aligned with your carrier path. Your second step is to prepare your file requesting a study permit for the duration of your program. Even after you have been accepted by a school and have maybe paid your first year's fees, your study permit could be refused.

Contact Us

We are global nomads and work from different locations throughout the world. Nevertheless, we are a Canadina company, thus obiding by the Canadian laws that afford you the needed protections as a customer. If you need to send us anything more than letter-sized matters, please contact us. Otherwise, please use our P.O. box to forward us your documents, once we have requested them.


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