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This immigration program works based on the collaboration between the Express entry program of the federal government and the Ontario province's priorities. This program is open for those currently outside of Canada and have a job offer form an Ontarian employer. We can accompany you every step of the way to fulfill the requirements of this immigration program.

If you are an employer looking for a candidate, please visit our recruits section, under Hire a foreign worker menu above. 

Selection criteria

Occupations in-demand

The selection criteria of this program intertwine with the Express entry. The government of Ontario has identified several job groups for employers in the Greater Toronto area or outside it, such as home support workers and caregivers, meat cutters and fishmongers, construction trades helpers as well as labourers in the construction, agriculture and livestock industries. If the job offer is outside the Greater Toronto area, an additional 14 occupations are eligible to this program, such as operators in chemical plants, plastic processing, industrial sewing, woodworking, food and beverage processing.

Start by obtaining an initial evaluation of your eligibility to this program by booking an initial consultation or purchase one of the packages that include an initial consultation. You can do that below.

Contact Us

We are global nomads and work from different locations throughout the world. Nevertheless, we are a Canadina company, thus obiding by the Canadian laws that afford you the needed protections as a customer. If you need to send us anything more than letter-sized matters, please contact us. Otherwise, please use our P.O. box to forward us your documents, once we have requested them.


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