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Start-up VISA and business travel

We have extensive experience in business dealings and business facilitation. Combined with our expertise in innovation and project management, we are your best partner when immigration needs emerge in your day-to-day operations. We are connected to a network of professionals that can team up with us, for your success. Weather you want to invest, establish or buy a new business, we can be your unbiased partner supporting your immigration strategy.


Start-up VISA

Game Developers

Canada accepts hundreds of start-up founders that want to establish an innovative new business on its territory. The business can be established anywhere except Québec, create at least one new job and be supported by a designated incubator, angel or venture investor. This program requires moderate language skills and no fixed amount of money invested. We can help you navigate the requirements, put you in contact with the right professionals and help you establish yourself and your family within this program boundaries. We are particularly skilled in science and technology start-ups. Contact us for an initial consultation.


Québec immigrant investor 

Several programs are active for investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals wanting to establish themselves in Québec. Depending on the program, they require between fifty thousand dollars and two million dollars. All of them require a good knowledge of spoken french. Contact us for further discussions on how we can help. 

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Young farmers watching a tablet in a strawberry garden

Saskatchewan farmer investor and Saskatchewan entrepreneur

Saskatchewan offers two programs for entrepreneurs: those currently outside Canada or recent graduates of a Canadian university. An additional program is in place for farm owners and operators in primary agriculture. Each program has its own conditions and procedures. Contact us for an initial consultation to discuss your eligibility.


British-Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

The province of British-Columbia has a long tradition of entrepreneur immigration and has the most exhaustive programs, allowing for some flexibility. Most of the programs require you to prove a net worth of at least 600,000 Can$ and business or management experience. You can establish of buy an existing business in which you invest at least 200,000 Can$. The regional pilot branch of this program cuts these amounts in half, with the condition that your business is established outside the metropolitan areas of BC. In this case, the rural community determines some of the criteria and participates in your selection.

We recommend to start with an initial consultation that allows us to determine a path to a successful collaboration.

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Intra-company transfers

Around the world

An array of measures for economic collaborations between Canada and other countries allows foreign companies to transfer some of their employees to their Canadian operations in a streamlined fashion. These facilitation measures are aimed at temporary transfers, but can open the path to permanent residence, in certain cases. Some measures are particularly suited for commercial visitors, for short periods or for prospective activities. Contact us to discuss your case and we will advise you of the best path.


BC Strategic projects streams

The Strategic Projects stream is for foreign corporations who have identified strategic investment opportunities in B.C. to establish operations that are integral to the growth and expansion of their core business. This stream enables foreign corporations to permanently transfer key staff with the corporate knowledge and expertise to B.C. The foreign corporation may apply for provincial nomination to support the permanent residence of up to five of its current senior employees. These employees will actively manage the B.C. operation.

Contact us for a discussion regarding other requirements.

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We are global nomads and work from different locations throughout the world. Nevertheless, we are a Canadina company, thus obiding by the Canadian laws that afford you the needed protections as a customer. If you need to send us anything more than letter-sized matters, please contact us. Otherwise, please use our P.O. box to forward us your documents, once we have requested them.


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