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Sponsoring a family member is a path devised by the Canadian government to reunite its permanent residents and citizens with their loved ones. Under this umbrella, an eligible sponsor can reunite with their spouse, their own children or their spouse's children, their parents, grand-parents and, in special circumstances, their sisters, brothers or any other blood relative.

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Sponsor your spouse

As a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, you could qualify to sponsor your spouse and their children. The sponsorship period for a spouse is 3 years while that of a child varies based on their age. If you reside in Québec, other rules apply. The success of a sponsorship is dependent on both the sponsor's circumstances and the foreign national's admissibility. 


Sponsor your parents or your spouse's parents

Parents' sponsorship is managed as a lottery, which means that specific dates need to be observed when filling. In addition to sponsorship and given this category is not a priority, a Super Visa is available as well.

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Sponsor your grand-parents

While this possibility exists, the process can be long and painful, as it relies on the lottery program. Sponsorship of grand-parents is for 20 years. The Super-Viza is also available to grand-parents.


Sponsor your adoptive child

The sponsorship process of your child can sometimes start before you have completed any of the formalities, but always before the child has reached the age of eighteen. In addition, the adoptive parents have to prove the existence of a genuine emotional attachment between them and the adoptive child. 

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Special categories

In special cases, a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada can sponsor a blood relative that is not his parent or grand-parent. Each case is different and warrants an initial consultation to determine feasibility.

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