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Partnered Service - representation

Representation for Canadian immigration

  • 1 h
  • Teams/Zoom

What is in it for you/ Contenu du service

This service includes: 1. Comprehensive Assessment: We conduct an initial assessment to determine your eligibility for various Canadian immigration programs. 2. Document Preparation: We assist in gathering and preparing all necessary documents, ensuring they meet Canadian immigration standards. 3. Application Submission: We submit your immigration application on your behalf, ensuring it is accurate and complete. 4. Interview Preparation: We provide guidance and training for immigration interviews, if required. 5. Legal Expertise: Our extended team includes immigration lawyers who can address complex legal issues and challenges. 6. Monitoring and Updates: We keep you informed about the status of your application and any changes in immigration policies. Before we start serving you, we will provide you with a detailed service contract . If you had an initial consultation with us in the last 15 days, a rebate of the value of the consultation will be offered to you. Permanent residence: CA$3,899 Family reunion - sponsorship CA$4,199 Work permit CA$3,999 Student permit CA$2,100

Cancellation Policy

Object of the service Your service is described and ruled by the contract you have signed Confidentiality Your personal information is confidential to Angela Boldea Immigration Inc and will not be shared to any third party unless required as such by the Laws of Canada and its provinces or agreed by you in writing. Cancelation fee For all paid services, a cancellation fee of 450$ will be retained. This is to cover payment fees that we assume on your behalf when you book your consultation with us. If the client does not show up to their meeting, we reserve the right to refuse the client a rebooking and refuse them a reimbursement. A paid service can be rescheduled 24h or more in advance by contacting us at Technical means The client is responsible of his technical means needed to achieve the meeting. No additional time, reimbursement or reschedule will be allowed to replace a missed meeting, late arrival, poor connection. Acceptance and consent By accepting this service, you consent to the terms and conditions and enter into a binding contract with Angela Boldea Immigration Inc. This contract is governed by the laws of Québec. You have received a copy of this contract before you paid for the service.

Contact Details

+ 1 514 978 3210

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